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Convert your Paper Programs to ODT format for unlimited shares.

Pictorial VIDEO Tribute

Best price, photo quantity, and turnaround time in the country. 

GEO Marker

Get exact GPS coordinates to the location of your loved one within 2 feet.

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Unique, memorable, eye catching design and quality print.

Online Digital Tributes (ODT)

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“Online Digital Version” of the funeral program


An Online Digital Tributes of an obituary is a digital program that can be viewed with internet access. It is an inexpensive, time-freeing counter-measure to not having enough printed programs. The ODT has page turning animation and sound effects to imitate the real program experience. Themes and Colors can be requested or our team will design a program complementary to the cover photo.

Each ODT includes a weblink shareable via text, email, social media, and that can be downloaded for print. ODT’s also include an Online Guest Book for loved ones and associates worldwide to send their condolences to the family.


Each ODT includes a QR Code that directs mobile devices to the service program of the deceased. The QR code can be printed on a Memorial Poster to be placed at the entrance of a service, on Memorial Cards placed throughout the service area, or projected on a screen.


Pictorial VIDEO Tribute

In addition to the ODT, we honor the deceased by creating a Pictorial Video Tribute that tells their story. Combine photos, audio, and video clips with music to create a video that will help their memory live on. Videos are hosted on an ODT page so you can share the link via text, email, social media and it can be downloaded for offline viewing at a service. Create a digital keepsake and preserve memories to share with future generations. With the Online Digital Tribute platform, memories of your loved one will be remembered for years to come.

We will combine photos, audio, and video clips with music to create a tribute of up to 5 minutes to help the memory of the deceased live on. Videos are hosted on the ODT page so the link can be shared or downloaded for offline viewing.  

GEO Marker

Imagine going to the cemetery and seeing small square QR CODES on all the headstones. When a code is scanned it brings you to a web page with pictures, video, and other interesting information about the deceased.

Our mission is to put a Face to the Grave Marker. GEO Markers come with a heavy duty outdoor rated adhesive and can be placed on various surfaces.

GEO Markers (Geographic Position Marker) offer a new way to connect and direct the  bereaved regardless of where they reside. Our GEO Markers blend the timeless traditional value of granite headstones with technology to provide an interactive Online Digital Version (ODV) memorial legacy for future generations.

At the resting place, Quick Response code technology on the GEO Markers guide users to a web page that comes standard with information about the departed. The bereaved may also supply the original printed obituary, photos, and video, as an upgrade, to display on the Online Digital Version (ODV).

An online register book for comments allows visitors to share their condolences and contact information. Via your web page, visitors from around the world can get directions within inches of the GEO Marker. This is extremely useful to assist visitors with directions to the exact location of the memorial headstone.


GEO Markers provide exact GPS coordinates to the burial location. Friends and family access the GEO Marker via text, email, or social media. On the ODV web page the GEO Marker will display a MAP that not only gives direction to the Cemetery but also the WALKING Path Directions to the exact location of the grave plot.

The benefits for GEO Markers help the family but also reduce man power on funeral staff giving directions and escorting families to grave sites.

Print & Design Services

Memorial Posters: Greet service visitors with a custom designed Memorial Poster to print in any size you choose. The design can be in portrait or landscape orientation, and can include the QR code to the ODT.

Arrangements can be made for Crescent Web Designs to print the Memorial Poster in the options of gloss poster paper to place in a frame or sturdy foam-board which does not need a frame.


Hard Cover Funeral Guest Book: Custom designed Guest Book Covers are the perfect way for loved ones and associates of the bereaved to record that they were present at the service or wake, or at the home of the family.

Families can later revisit those who were able to come by and offer their physical support in their time of need.

An Online Guest Book is available for loved ones and associates worldwide to send their condolences to the bereaved

Print Formats To Choose From: Single folds creates two equal sections by folding in the center. Single folds create 4 pages for content. Trifolds creates three equal sections by folding the sides over the middle.

The trifold creates 6 pages of content. Booklets are created by combining Single folds. Each Single fold added provides 4 more pages of content.

Gatefolds are created by folding two parallel folds to create six panels. It is usually used to wrap around a Single fold or Booklet