Web Design


Just like a physical brick and mortar address, you need to have an online address. On the internet your Domain name is like the street address and hosting is property you build your website on. For pre-existing internet properties/domain names, we evaluate their value and make assessments, afterwards we create a strategy to increase their value. A quick way to get a basic appraisal of your internet property is to review your Alexa Score (Something like the Internet Appraisal District). To get a more detailed estimation of your internet value you will need tools provided by the BIG 3 (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Dollish Strands

Dollish Strands is an all natural approach to Black Hair, Black Hair Care products, remedies, and daily tips that has proven to be effective. Equipped with an online store, email marketing campaign, subscription service, conditional product selection and account login, Dollish Strands is becoming one of the premiere Black Hair Care and product sites in the Southeast.

Phase VI

Phase VI is an online platform designed to educate, motivate, and provide support for future artists, managers, producers, executives, agents, publicists, and songwriters. Equipped with an online store, email marketing campaign, subscription service, conditional product selection, account login, Learn Management System, and Internal Rmtp for Live streaming Phase VI has become one of the most trusted source of Music Business Motivation and Support on Youtube and throught the music Industry.

Brand Awareness

After setting up your Virtual Real Estate, the public needs to know that you exist. With a brick and mortar office you would use print media such as business cards, flyers, newspapers, phone books, etc. With an online office you will use Social Media, Internet Directories, Other websites, Internet Video and Audio distribution channels, Online Advertisements similar to a flyer. Even if you are private or anti-social it’s critical that your business is SOCIAL. We will create your social media profiles or update them with new content if you haven’t done so already.


Once you have a client, your focus is to keep/retain the client. There is much energy and effort that goes into gaining a client, but it is statistically proven that it takes less energy and effort to retain a client rather than gain a new one. Preserve communication with your client via Email and Text Message Newsletters, Social Media, Internet Directories, Other Websites, Internet Video, Audio distribution channels, and Online Advertisements similar to a flyer. Keep your content fresh and produce a reason for your clients to remain a client.

Good Health Wins With Iota

Good Health Wins and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. have partnered together in the fight against miseduction and disinformation regarding Covid 19. As a community leader, Iota Phi Theta has challenged its national office, Regions, Graduate, and Undergraduate chapters to assist Good Health Wins with spreading Educational Awareness about Vaccines and how it affects our Black and Brown Communities. Equipped with an  email marketing campaign with conditional logic, account login, Custom QR Code and Fluent CRM, Iota Phi Theta has become the most active Fraternity within the NPHC to push Good Health Wins Campaign through Data Collection and Analytics.

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